Plan A Visit

Plan A Visit

We would be honored to have you visit our church! Going somewhere new can be overwhelming and nerve-racking at times, so we wanted to point out a few things to make your first visit as welcoming as we can.

When you arrive at Blue Creek, we have some designated guest parking spaces along the front row.  Please take advantage of up front parking!

Greeters will be at the door when you come in.  If you let us know you’ll be coming, we will be looking out for you and can help you with any questions you may have when you arrive.

Please stop by our Welcome Center.  We will ask that you fill out a visitor contact card just so that we can get to know you and your family a little better.  Our church family hopes you feel the friendliness and family atmosphere we pride ourselves in.  Once we get your information, we have a gift for you just to say thanks for coming!

We take our worship of God seriously, but we encourage an environment of freedom in worship.  You will find some men wearing suits and ties with ladies wearing dresses.  Many men are wearing polo shirts and casual pants while ladies wear a variety of tops with slacks or capris.  Others are comfortable wearing jeans.  Dress is not important to us.  We want you to be here.  No stipulations!

If you arrive for Sunday School, which is at 9:15, someone will guide you to our classroom wing and help you to a class made up with other people of similar age.  At 10:15, classes are dismissed, and everyone makes their way to our sanctuary.

Our service typically lasts about 90 minutes.  We will sing a few songs led by Blue Creek Worship (our worship band).  We use some projector screens to display the lyrics.  During the early part of the service, our Pastor will welcome everyone and that includes you.  After the music portion of our service is over, our Pastor will share with us the message that God has given to him for the week.

If you are bringing kids, that’s great to hear!  During both our Sunday School and worship service, we provide child care.  We have a nursery that takes care of infants to school age children.  If you have a child you’d like to leave in the nursery, you will be led to our Check-In Room to register your family and one of our volunteers will lead the child to their class.  Let us know you’re coming, and we will have the registration process started for you.  If your children are school age, there’s a Sunday School class for them and following that class we’ll make sure they get to the sanctuary.  After the kids have had a chance to experience what “big church” is, we will dismiss the children kindergarten through grade 3 for Children’s Church.  They’ll be taken to their own area for a special service geared towards them.  After the service you can pick them up in the Fellowship Hall, which is through the double doors on the far left from the platform(stage).

Again, it’s great that you’ve decided to come be with us this Sunday.  We hope this guide gives you an idea of what to expect so that you can have a comfortable visit.  Let us know you’re coming by filling out the form to the right and we will be looking out for you!  Reach out if you have any questions by emailing or by sending us a message through Facebook!

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